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How to Advertise on Facebook: A No-Nonsense Facebook Ads Guide For Beginners

Facebook is a popular advertising platform among a lot of entrepreneurs, offering powerful tools to drive targeted paid traffic to your store. In fact, many are able to manage their own Facebook ads to grow their business, once they get the hang of the basics. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show ...

Art of Reinventing: How This Bicycle Company Refines Its Products

When Ryan Zagata moved to Brooklyn, bicycling became his main mode of transportation to explore and expand the radius of his community. Focused on urban mobility, Ryan launched Brooklyn Bicycle Co. to bring the ease of commuting with bikes to urbanites. In this episode of Shopify Masters, Ryan shares the lessons learned ...

The Founder’s Zodiac: 6 Ways to Cope with Stress—Ideas for Every Sign

If the events of 2020 didn’t already lift our collective stress levels, we’re about to enter another holiday shopping season. These next few weeks will be a test. In the final push to the end of December, we’re sending good vibes into the universe for an auspicious 2021. Until then, ...

Three Trends That Will Shape Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020

According to a survey of shoppers in the U.S. and Canada, spending habits this Black Friday Cyber Monday will be unique in many ways. We’ll explore our top three findings and how you can successfully adapt your business during the busiest season of the year—and beyond. More

Still No Media Coverage? This Press Release Guide is Helping Businesses Get Seen

Your marketing strategy might involve a mix of emails, social media, advertising, events, and other tactics, but one mention in the press can multiply all those efforts tenfold, sending a surge of new customers your way, and even take your business to the next level. The easiest way to make ...

How to Start a Subscription Business: A Brief Guide

With a subscription business business model, companies can scale with predictable, recurring revenue. Meanwhile, shoppers receive a convenient, personalized, and lower-cost way to buy what they want and need on a recurring basis. More

Making Purpose Popular: Why This Black-Owned Beverage Brand Pledges 5% of Profits


6 Ways to Reinvent Customer Delight: Unexpected Extras that Increase Loyalty

Now more than ever, creative gestures can go a long way to bolster customer loyalty. We walk through a few new ways to spark unexpected delight through little extras that will further the connection between your customers and your business. More

Take the “Selling” Out Of “Upselling”: How to Upsell to Customers and Improve the Shopping Experience

  Upselling requires a strategic approach for the best results. Check out our favorite upselling tips and tools to help you grow your bottom line and strengthen your customer relationships. More

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