An Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is a software solution that helps organizations effectively manage and organize their digital documents and records. Our EDMS project was developed using Laravel, a popular PHP framework.


  • Login process for accessing the system
  • Email ID and password fields for authentication
  • “Forgot Password" option for password recovery
  • “Remember Me" option for convenient login


The dashboard provides easy access to various components and features of the EDMS project.

Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons for quick navigation:

  • Documents: Manage and access documents
  • Departments: Manage organizational departments
  • Users: Manage user accounts and information
  • Roles & Permissions: Define and assign roles and permissions
  • Categories: Categorize documents or data
  • Logs: View system activity logs
  • Trash: Restore or permanently delete deleted items
  • Backup Manager: Manage data backup and restore operations
  • User Profile: User can view, edit profile details

Document Information

  • Quick actions: Delete, Share, Edit, Download
  • Other document details as
    • Document Name
    • Description
    • Owner
    • Departments (multichoice)
    • Categories (multichoice)
    • Expiry date
    • Uploaded date
    • Versions (List of all versions with dates)
    • Metafields like size, type last modified


  • Department management features
  • Department name
  • Department actions (Edit, Delete)
  • Adding a new department
  • Name field
  • Action field (Edit, Delete)
  • Department hierarchy and structure
  • Department-specific document access control
  • Department collaboration and communication


  • User management features
  • User roles and permissions
  • User profile information (Name, Email, Department, Role)
  • User actions (View, Edit, Delete)
  • User search functionality
  • User login process
  • Password management (reset, change)
  • Account activation and deactivation


  • Categories allow for organizing documents into logical groups for easy navigation and management.
  • Checkbox: Users can select multiple categories using checkboxes.
  • Category Name: Each category has a name
    that describes its content or purpose.
  • Actions: Users can perform actions like
    Edit and Delete each category.
  • Add New: Users can add a new category
    by providing a category name.

User Profile

  • User Profile allows users to manage their account settings and personal information.
  • My Account: Users can access their account details and make changes to their profile.
  • Current Credentials: The user's current information is displayed, including their name, email, and profile image.
  • Change Password: Users have the option to change their password for enhanced security.
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