How We Work

In order to be the most cost-effective service, we offer several collaboration models depending on your project size and specific requirements.

Here’s an insight into our process and approach to working on your product.

What Happens When You Collaborate with Us?

We aim at finding out everything about the solution that you are searching for long. Our experts help you to build or upgrade your product with the right solution and approach. We look forward to the future with new hope to upgrade our existing services to develop your product more intricately. Have a close look at our process with which we work for you.

Introductory Call

With an introductory call, you can get in contact with our Business Development Manager. Our Business Development Manager is ready to hear what you want to say. You can freely inform us about your business needs and challenges that you want to fulfill and overcome. We don’t have any deliverable at this initial stage. You will get to know about our process and we will know your product better. We offer a ballpark estimate after having all information and then you can decide whether to proceed with us.

Business Analysis

Our business analyst closely observes your product to clarify how it will work, what essential features it should have. He/she also points out if you have missed anything about functional and non-functional requirements. A functional specification mentioning feature list, user story, diagrams, basic wireframes is the deliverable at this stage.

UX/UI Design

We will begin materializing in the form of high-fidelity prototypes. After competitor research, sitemap creation, designing use flow, and user experience, our designers create a user interface. We deliver a completely designed product with all pages, mobile and tablet screens, and style guides.

Product Development

Our product developers start working on front-end and back-end implementation by dividing the scope of work into sprints. The duration of every sprint is 2 weeks and you will get a regular report of demo feature implementation. We will deliver a fully functional product.

Post-Launch Support And Maintenance

Our responsibility lies not only up to the product development stage. We offer you complete support even after the post-launch period. Our team feels satisfied with working on new features to make your product more beneficial with each release.

What Helps Us to Organise Our Collaboration Effectively

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