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Shopify Development

Chintan Shah

CEO, Co-Founder

Years of experience are just numbers until we make something enough to prove experience. Hi, This is Chintan shah, I am a technical wheel of 3iwebexperts. we started the company in 2013 with minimum assets and now we have enough resources to work on 10+ projects same time. I am personally 8+ years Shopify experts with core knowledge of WordPress, Magento, and python Django. Our biggest achievement is 3iwebexperts finally registered in Shopify experts after 8 years of effort. 3iwebexperts is now working on every part of the Shopify website. and our goal is making a product which can be used in many fields, we are best in serving quality work to our clients.

Nilesh Bhanushali

Partner & Co-founder

As a Company Owner, I have no words to describe 3iwebexperts. I remember that was the day 17th august 2014, my family and my partner Chintan Shah's family opening the office but Chintan was not available to join us that day because he had to finish 30 days notice period before leaving his job. Chintan joined me in 3iwebexperts on 1st September. We started to work with our Laptops which were given by our parents during college time and we had 2 clients at that time. We had no experience how to handle the company and the client's call. Chintan started to handle the client's calls and we worked hard like no leave, no social meets, no festivals. We faced a lot of problems to growing our company. But, never looked back and now these days have lots of achievements with the efforts of the 3i team. We have lots of regular clients & build 100% trust & satisfying quality work for the client. Now we are listed as Shopify Experts with a great team & happy clients.

Shopify Development
Shopify Development

Priya Bhanushali

Sr. Shopify Expert Developer

I am happy to join 3iwebexperts as my carrier in august 2014 while 3i has only 2 members, Chintan Shah CEO of 3iwebexperts and Nilesh Bhanushali Co-founder of 3iwebexperts. While I joined 3iwebexperts then I do not know about Shopify Web Development. My seniors are my boss and they trained me as a friend and I developed my skills continuously with 3iwebexperts till today. Now you can see me as a Senior Shopify Developer and I have 5 to 6 employees working under my instructions. With the efforts of the team, 3iwebexperts is now officially Shopify Experts, and I want to see them in top listed companies in the world. - Thanks & Regards

Kajal Sathwara

Shopify And WordPress Developer

For the last 1 year, I have been working in Shopify, WordPress, HTML, CSS in Web Design & Development. I learn & understand that how website design & how the code works. I worked on many websites with the guidelines from both sir, Chintan & Nilesh. They taught me that how to work in the IT field, how to communicate with clients, how to develop your ideas, logics, etc. The atmosphere in the office, always live & helpful. They are the family for me. Thank You.

Shopify Development
Shopify Development

Pragnesh Raval

Python Developer

I am Pragnesh M. Raval employee of 3iwebexperts since September 2020. Python Developer is my designation in the company. Before joining 3iwebexperts I never know the working process in the IT companies but I have well-known how to do programming in c#. After joining the 3iwebexperts Mr. Chintan Shah tells me to learn Python and Shopify and I decide to learn that programming language but I never heard about that. Mr. Chintan Shah guide me on how to implement logic and working with Python and Shopify, he was led me to work with Shopify API and he guided all the things about Shopify API. In 3iwebexperts all members are supportive of freshers to learn and implement the new thing in the project. When I joined as a fresher all members are free-minded but now the company rules and regulations are strict for all the staff and it's also helpful for us to know how to manage time and grow ourselves in the IT company. Here the seniors are helped freshers to build their logics. They just give guidelines then it's all up to us to implement them in our work.

Roshan Parmar

WordPress Developer

I'm an employee of the 3iwebexperts company. Here in the company, everyone is very helpful & co-operative. If I face any error in the development, the sir always pushes me to solve the errors with my logic. Because this is the way to develop myself. They always motivate us to create, to do something different, something new in development or design. When I join the company before 2months, I did know about anything in WordPress but now I am good at WordPress Designing. And I believe that in the next 2-3 years, I will learn a lot here & I will grow for sure.

Shopify Development
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