DSPTCH is WordPress based website design. Established in 2008, Multi-office is a leading player in the office supplies and giveaways business. We Re-Design that website with fresh development. We are happy to work for them.

Technologies Used :

Shopify, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap3, Shopify Reviews App, Graphic Design, Layout Designs, SEO, SMM

Workflow :

Step1 : We prepared a Graphical Layout of the Website and confirmed it with the Owner.

Step2 : Website Designed using HTML5, CSS3 and ready for Shopify

Step3 : Integrated full website in Shopify

Step4 : Prepared theme options to manage Website Content.

Step5 : Integrated Shopify Apps

Step6 : Payment Gateways Setup

Step7 : Website Testing and Bug Fixes

Step8 : We are still working on ranking up the Website

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