3iwebexperts has the availability of the Pay-per-click function. Also, we are having a wide range of appropriate options for you as per your requirements and targeted audience. Pay per click is a business model whereby an advertiser or the company places ads on the site and pays the sum of the amount as selected to the host website when a user clicks on the advertisement. It is an advertising model on the internet that is used to drive traffic to websites, In which an advertiser pays a publisher (host of the website, Network of website, Search engine) when the ad is clicked.

It is generally associated with first-tier search engines (i.e Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising formerly Bing Ads). with search engines, the advertisers bid for the phrases related to a there targeted market. Commonly 3iwebexperts charge a fixed price per click rather than using the bidding system. 3iwebexperts displays advertisements on sites mostly famous as banner ads on our site. You can choose from the range of options available with the 3iwebexperts. According to your target market, your ads will be distributed properly.

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