16 Cool Apps On Your Phone You Didn’t Know Existed

You can also check out our picks for the best apps released in 2021. Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks. Khan Academy is a multifaceted platform offering thousands of hours of educational material across every topic imaginable. If you’re working from home or find yourself with a lot of time on your hands, then Khan Academy should become your new go-to.

latest mobile cool apps

Rather than having to continually shuffle between dozens of device-specific apps, you can turn the Google Home app into an all-in-one command center and a true central hub for your smart home. The app provides routes that combine numerous transportation methods — such as trains, buses, and bike sharing — while also factoring in short walks to each stop and wait times. Transit can provide real-time data on arrival times of your bus or train, compare routes, step-by-step navigation, and notifications for service line disruptions. You can even book an Uber or reserve a car2go from within the app if public transport has failed you.

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Forecasts come with animated weather info, radar maps, detailed summaries, and push notifications for extreme weather alerts in the US. The app records your running speed, distance traveled, time and course taken, but also combines it with leaderboards, achievements and challenges. Strava supports a variety of running trackers, in addition to Wear OS and Apple Watch.

You can even engage in virtual banter throughout the game via the chat feature. Alternatively, if you just want to improve your mental dexterity then you can play the game in the single-player mode. Did you know that over 10 percent of older adults spend around $5,000 per year on prescription drugs?

This personalized brain training app can be a real boon for the 5.8+ million older adults who are living with Alzheimer’s dementia in the USA. Through fun games and tasks, it helps you improve memory, attention, and processing speed. I find https://globalcloudteam.com/ this app particularly helpful in dimly lit restaurants while reading the small text on menus. This app’s base features can be used for free, you need to pay for advanced features such as an image stabilizer and high contrast modes.

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Today the world of smartphones and tablets would not be what it is without its billions of apps. Be it securing senior discounts, finding your phone, or booking a cab, you can use your phone to do it all thanks to mobile apps. The apps listed here are some of my current favorites; however, there are thousands more that wait to be tested.

latest mobile cool apps

This approach means you easily customize your workspace, and you can still drag and drop individual blocks of content to where you need them without disrupting an entire document. Whether you’re taking notes, crunching spreadsheets, or building a Kanban board, Notion’s powerful building blocks make things a snap to set up. The best free Android apps offer limitless flexibility without costing a dime upfront. Whether you’ve picked up one of the best cheap phones or you pay big bucks for the latest flagship, you get the same experience. There’s so much going on here, and it even includes a few more advanced customizations for rooted users, which is why Super Status bar is on our list as one of the most amazing Android apps. With Super Status Bar, you can adjust your display brightness or volume level by swiping along the top of the screen.

With the analysis tab, you can view how you slept the night before, check to see if you snored, and get recommendations to sleep even better. It can be difficult to pick through overwhelming news headlines from various sources. So why not use an app like Inoreader to only pay attention to the sources you know and trust? This RSS reader allows you to curate a personalized newsfeed so that you only get the news you care about. Yahoo Weather has come a long way over the years and now sports a gorgeous design that shows you all of the info you need.

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It also has neat features like Bubble Zoom for comics, Night Light for reading in the dark, and note syncing with Google Drive. Bumble works pretty similarly to Tinder in how they match people, but they have a few key differences and added functionality. For one, Tinder focuses on mostly dating only while Bumble allows for dating, friendships, and even business connections. If someone you liked swipes right on you, then you’re matched with that person and you’re allowed to chat with them within the app. It takes away a lot of the anxiousness from dating by matching you up automatically with people you like. These are actually three different apps, but it’d be cheating to list them as three separate apps since they complement each other.

Unlike Siri, Google voice search, this app can solve riddles, tell jokes, and do many other entertaining things. Mobile app development brings you the AI friend to connect and converse with. If yes, then Socratic is another app developed with artificial intelligence to save you from the difficult homework. The artificial intelligent app helps the user to keep track of their progress and generates progress reports. Be it the entire teaching material or just a pronunciation of specific words ELSA will coach you with no hefty fee. It is one of the best Artificial Intelligence App for Android to assist you with voice command.

One of the best advantages of these apps is that they take less time to develop than normal apps because they are simply websites with app functionalities. On the other hand, they have expanded utility than simply being web pages as you can save them on your home screen. For example, an app loses 20% of potential users at every step between a user’s first encounter with an app and using the app. A PWA avoids this problem because once the user first sees it, they can start using it immediately. According to research conducted by IDC, approximately 25% of organizations in 2024 will integrate edge data with cloud-based applications to improve business agility. As has been observed during the pandemic, your mobile app consumption is likely to grow more rapidly in the next few years.

Google Calendar is a great app and even people who do not really like Google sort of agree to this. The main advantage of Google Calendar – especially if you are deeply entrenched into the Google ecosystem is that you need to do very few manual entries to set your schedule. Google Calendar syncs information and data across several Google apps and does it all in a seamless manner. We can not, therefore, help but recommend Google Calendar over the other options available in the market. Smartphones have more or less taken over the photography space and have been responsible for the dipping sales figures of most camera-only brands. High-end smartphones sold today boast excellent image and video quality and can satiate the needs of even the most demanding of photographers.

  • As you might have guessed by now, Google Camera is the official camera app made by Google for Android smartphones.
  • When you accumulate equipment, you may utilize it to upgrade your finest weapons even more.
  • As ComScore points out, smartphone users between the ages of 18 and 24 are the heaviest mobile app users.
  • So if you own a business or lifestyle app, you can’t just categorize it as a game to try and get more downloads.
  • Compare Apple and Android users, you’ll learn that they behave differently.
  • So whether you want to read a book on your lunch break or catch up on a comic book series, the best reading and e-book apps make it easy.
  • Grammarly takes things to the next level with smart predictions and can even pick from synonyms if you want to sound fancy.

Notepin does something so obvious you’ll wonder why it isn’t already a part of Android. Put simply, it allows you to create notes and then pin them to your notifications panel as reminders. The best Android widgets are really useful, but if you use too many of them, they’ll quickly clutter your home screens and slow down your phone. Another great feature of the Lynket Browser is the option to read pages in Article mode, which loads a sleek-looking reader mode without all of the fluff and fillers. Android evolves more every year, but apps remain just as important as ever.

The character limit went up to 280 characters and you can post threads for longer-form content, which allows you to share photos and videos. Google Meet is a rising player for multi-people meetings, allowing up to 100 people to connect simultaneously to a single room. WhatsApp is easily the most widely used instant mobile cool apps messaging app in the world, and it’s pretty much the standard means of communication between people in a lot of countries. It’s not as feature-rich as some of its competitors and has recently come under scrutiny for privacy concerns, but it wins nonetheless because of its wide user-base of billions of users.

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The LinkedIn app aims, however, to be a companion to theLinkedIn web servicethat you check every day. It’s sometimes the easiest way to reach out and make a business connection. To that end, this article—while certainly not a roadmap—may serve as one of the first of many writings on the wall. And keeping up with development means a streamlined, agile team.

YouTube TV is one of the bestvideo streaming servicesfor streaming live channels, with an excellent combination of news, sports, and entertainment options. The service also offers top-notch apps and excellent DVR functionality. Dropboxpioneered the personal cloud service, where all your stuff would be available no matter what device you were using. On Android, it holds its own—even against the highly integrated Google Drive.

There are some other great Android tools and utility apps, but none of them can step up to Tasker and IFTTT. Never get caught off guard by a car accident, broken traffic light, or speed trap again. Waze harnesses all the power of user summited information to help drivers avoid the common pitfalls of their daily commutes or long road trips. Waze is designed to get you where you’re going as quickly as possible by using up-to-the-minute live information to navigate.

latest mobile cool apps

This one of the most popular apps also allows downloading around 59 languages offline for internet-free usage. The mobile version of Acrobat Reader is a capable reader, with configurable view modes, support for page search, cloud storage, bookmarks and tables of contents. It also includes annotation features for your marginal notes, comments, and even digital signatures.

There are a lot of ways you can use Navigation Gestures to control your phone. In some cases, the sale app also redirects you to the company’s page where you can find deals and offers, before making a purchase. You can also flip, rotate, mirror and crop images, but SKRWT isn’t interested so much in modifying photos in unnatural ways, as in making them look exactly as you envisioned when you took them. You can also add text, stickers, frames, change the perspective, mirror the image, cut sections and a whole lot more.

Here, 100 items are available that can actually flex your creativity and performance. GRID Autosport gives your mobile device a console-like gaming experience. You’d think that a game with such stunning visuals would cost as much as the original PC edition. This most popular game is a large, free exploration RPG that can be played anywhere and on any device.

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While the price of its bike or treadmill may be out of reach for some folks, its app offers a thorough library of workout videos with great production value and neat organization by fitness subject. The Peloton network also offers live classes by lively instructors and allows close health tracking to help keep you motivated. The viral recipe videos we’ve all seen on social media are available on a convenient app. The Tasty app houses over 3,000 recipes with step-by-step instructions so users can create delicious meals for friends and family. Recipes on the app are sorted by occasion, difficulty, dietary need, and more. From healthy meals to indulgent dinners, Tasty has something delicious for every user.

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Axios is an app for a single news outlet, but we like it a lot because their reporting is fairly unbiased most of the time. Their articles are very cleanly organized and easy to read through, cutting down on click baiting and fluff. Do you just want something that does the job of reading your locally downloaded e-books? It’s built based on Material Design guidelines and allows you to read e-books saved on EPUB files. It automatically detects which e-book you’re reading, allows you to highlight and add notes to books, change to night/sepia themes for easier reading, and it’s free of ads.

Features Of One Of The Best Free Apps For Android

Aside from some “premium” collections, the app is fully free to use. If you want something different than your new device’s default wallpapers, Backdrops is an amazing place to start your search. It is an open standard that is maintained by a nonprofit organization. This way the users can chose freely between different ID4me providers and can also change the provider anytime.

Features Of The Free Apps For Android Phones

Candy Crush Saga, being among the best mobile games 2022, can turn into one of the most expensive habits. It takes a lot of cheats, tricks, tips and advanced strategies to climb to the top of the leader-board. I’ve collected some of my favorite apps that aren’t only useful but also beautiful. Many of them are not very well-designed, as it’s hard to create useful and seamless applications for small screens. Snapchat‘s prime is long gone, but it still remains a social media service with a large active userbase. The Android app used to be famously slow and laggy, but it has improved a lot in recent years.

This anonymous application uses artificial intelligence to solve math problems. If you love taking three-dimensional photos – this tool will come in very handy. The application allows you to create “deep” pictures with a parallax effect. The camera captures the frame from 4 points to make an accurate 3D photo. Facebook Messenger has become the default messaging platform for many, and the app continues to impress for better or worse.

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